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Greetings from Josje

Josje Veenenbos

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Hello fellow miniaturists!  My name is Josje Veenenbos and I live about 35 miles north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  

My venture into miniatures began in 2003 after a friend asked me to look out for miniatures on my trips abroad.   Not long after that I bought a 12th scale Amsterdam Canal House and started building the interiors for it.  I enjoy doing research on  (social) historical aspects,  art and period styles,  and I use the information I find to create my miniature interiors.   I love experimenting and trying out new (to me) techniques and materials and try to take as many classes as I can.  
In 2006 I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with Barry Hipwell and he told us about IGMA.  A few months later Barry suggested I should apply for a Guild School scholarship, which I did and to my great delight I was invited to come to Castine on a scholarship.   I don't have to explain what a fantastic experience the Guild School was!  I learned so very much in those five days, and met many wonderful and like minded people.  
 As I continue to learn and grow,  this forum will undoubtedly contribute to my development as a miniaturist.  I look forward to reading and sharing posts with you.  
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Hi Josje! Lovely to see you here too! The tutorials you have made on electricity and others you've put on your blog are great posts. Hope to you will put one or two up here too one day?

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