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Modifications? to Preac Table Saw


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A friend sent me a link this evening to this post on the Westlake Publishing  Modelers' Forum.

The link has a nice discussion about the restoration of a preac table saw.  I like the discussion about electolysis as I have some blacking that I was not able to remove when I worked on one Saturday afternoon and of course it has been waxed!  I did not try lapping the surface though, so more to learn.  My preac must be different model as my switch in not "inline" of the power cord.


I was wondering if Bill Hudson would tell us about the use of a scientific scissor jack for fine adjustment to the blade's height.

The forum is really, really quiet, I hope everyone is busy making fine miniatures!

>Nice job of saving the saw Paul. Although spendy at the time these are great little saws for fine work. I bought Mine in Maine when they first came out. I carted it back and forth from Maine to Eugene, Oregon several times. I used it in teaching classes in miniatures. The only complaint was the inline switch on the power cord. Because of students using the saw I designed a quick shut off using a rocker type light switch. Start it by pushing the switch through the hole.  a light tap on the board stops the saw. The little green thing is a scientific scissor jack used to fine adjust the saw height. Shown are some fine frames sawn from beech for mounting beveled glass for a model popcorn wagon. Hope you post more on using the saw.

Bill <

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