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Langweil's Model of Prague from the 1830's


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If you happen to be in Prague, just a few blocks to the east of the Municipal Building is the City Museum and it contains a very rare paper model of the old city made from 1826 to 1837 by Antonin Lagnweil. The model is huge, I can't remember just how big but it was impressive. Most interesting is it is in color and he model everything, even the privies, firewood piles, drying meat etc. Here is there website and a few photos to wet your appetite. I know I sure to get back to see it again.











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And then there are these outdoor places, this one in the north of Italy






And this place in Johannesburg South Africa, I haven't been there for many years because it started to fall into disrepair, a pity because it was a great place for a family outing, looks like they are finally doing some repairs.



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What makes this one different than the miniature cities found around the world is its age... This model is 180 years old, before we had photography or any other means of looking at the past other than a artists eye.

In time we should have posts on everything from LegoLand to the miniature world (and airport) in Hamburg..... Even Roadside America which I was amazed at me as child.

Also I should mention that when it comes to the 17 th c. Crèche figures, Frank and Jeffery of La Chateau Miniatures had one of the finest collections and settings in the USA. It was even featured on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine.

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