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Photo Gallery at the Top of the Home Page


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This gallery will contain a randomly rotating selection of photos chosen to highlight the type of miniatures discussed on the forum. At first we will start out with photos from our own libraries and add to them from what is posted in any of the forum topics. Any comments or discussion about the photos should take place in one of the forum topics.


Note, you can click on the right side to get up to 3 sets of random photos, you can also click on each photo to see who made it and a brief description.


What we are looking for....

Good quality photos that show fine scale miniatures. Nice clean background, well cropped (miniature item should cover 2/3 rds or more of the image, etc.

Finished work only, since this is part of the Home Page work in progress shots may be completely out of context and not make sense.

An appropriate mix that reflects the forum discussions.


Note, "Please include a title and artist attribution along with any submissions. We cannot add photos to the Gallery if we don't have this information."


Now, How to get your photos on there.


First your photos need to meet the requirements above, then you go the Gallery page and select "Gallery Submissions" and follow the prompts, it will first go into your computers photo folder and have you select a photo, then you hit the upload box, at the far right of your screen you will see a "Review and publish" box, click on that. It will give you a chance to add a name to your photo, please tell us what the item is and who made it in the name, so it would read like "18th c. Desk by John Doe", things like "image 004" tell us nothing. You will also have a place to describe the piece in detail if you wish. Then click on the "finish and publish" box. At this point your photo will be held in that album until a moderator will come along and move it to another album where it will show up on the home page.


Thank You.

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There have been a few questions as to just what is included up in the photo gallery. As with all things we think of this forum as a work in progress so like everything in life things are subject to change and adjustment. But below are some of the kinds of things we are looking for…..


Good adherence to scale and craftsmanship, more or less like the guilds standards for Artisan


No kits or imported commercially made items.


Things we want to see…… that we may make exceptions for…. raw up and coming talent, something different that we have never seen before…. also people who are more actively participating on the forum may have their work shown more.


All this said we will occasionally edit and delete photos in the gallery to get a better mix so we all don't get tired of looking at the same things all the time. Some photos we may just leave in the submission gallery for a while.


So please feel free to add your pictures, we are still waiting to see that wonderful new thing we have never seen before.

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Additionally we will not use photos in the gallery that have text written on them, the reason is since these show up so small at the top of the page the words can not be read clearly. Also it could look a little too much like advertising.

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Wow, just signed up and will love to see what pops up, however still not clear on how to post a photo. I will be reading through the blog.

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Hi Maryanncic, and welcome to the forum! If you are looking for specific info or subjects you're interested in, you can always use the 'search button' in the middle of the top bar. 


But perhaps you want to add pictures to your replies and posts? In that case I can tell you what works for me? 


I work on a Mac and when I'm done typing my comment in the reply section I go down to the right hand corner where there's a 'More Reply Options' button. Clicking on it gives me this new added options as you can see down below;




I then click on 'kies bestand' which is Dutch for 'select files'. I can then choose a file from my pc or any other devices that are connected and click on the red 'attach file' button. Now my file or picture will show up under the reply box;




If you put your cursor where you want the picture to come, and then click on 'Add to Post' behind your desired pic, it should show up between your text, looking something like this;


"....show up under the reply box;


attachment=939:example.jpg (<--- you should see square brackets around it [ ... ] but I've left them out or the pic would show up again) 


If I put my cursor where I....."


That should do it. If you want to be sure, just click on the red 'Preview Post' button and you can see your pics, if all's well. Hope it's of any use to you and if I've understood it right working on a PC shouldn't be all that different. Let me know if you have any more questions. 


Again, welcome and have fun, reading ánd posting :)


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