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It's a plant, but not as you think

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Debora Beijerbacht

Hi, if you're like me and like to bring a touch of 'life' into your dolls house you'd probably go for flowers and plants too. There are some really fantastically skilled miniaturist out there that blow me away when I see their creations. 


But how about if they were real? The plants I mean? Could they be grown thát small???


Well, here's what i found the other day; miniature bonsai. If i'd own a house i'd love to have one of these in it!






Can you imagine, doing a weekly run with your watering can? :)

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Catherine Ronan

Very nice. I'll make the watering can.


I used to have some very tiny plants that fit in a 1: 12 scale pot. They had gorgeous blooms. If I can find the information about where to get them I will leave it here.

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Wm. R. Robertson

It is a shame my friend Barbara can't see this...... Not only does she love miniatures but also loved bonsai.

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Josje Veenenbos

Very nice and it would be great to have this in my yet to build chinoiserie dining room.  But I must say I do feel a bit sorry for the plant, to be so very restricted...

And I don't think a weekly watering round would cut it Debora, can you imagine just how fast those few drops of water would evaporate?   

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I just spotted this thread. As an avid gardener in my non-mini life, I acn attest to the fact that are quite a few plants that have tiny leaves and flowers which make great substitutes for their larger cousins. With a little work, you can easily have  a miniature setting with live plants as part of the decor.


Here are two sites that specialize in small plants:





And and entire book on the subject:

Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World by Janit Calvo

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Janit's book has made quite a sensation for a while! And Deb Mackie recently returned from a flower and garden

show in Singapore, with two other ladies who also demonstrate and show the miniature gardens at the Philadelphia

Flower show every March. They taught a class on miniature gardens!


Louise, one of the ladies, had a seminar at Guild School last year on the Philly Flower Show, with amazing photos of

the scenes (and behind the scenes) - they have dozens of little plants in 1" scale pots, and 'understudies', as she called

them, to replace those that start to wilt  ;)  Fascinating!

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