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A Study of the Status of U.S. Craft Artists

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That title sounds like a mouthful by this is important reading for anyone who makes their living or even part of it as a craft artist. Now you might wonder just what is a craft artist? It is basically those folks you see making things by hand and selling them at shows, galleries or on the internet…. in other words Miniaturists! This report was done by CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund, a group that helps rebuild artists' workshop after disasters) and released in Nov. 2013. They surveyed 3,500 artist to compile this data and it covers everything from income, sales, insurance, trends etc. It also divides the artists up by where in there career path they are for example up and coming students to slowing down seniors. The report is 54 pages long but has lots of graphs so it is easy to read.


If you are in business you should read this. It will at least give you an idea of how you stack up among your piers  and what you might do to improve.



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Debora Beijerbacht

Interesting read! Although I'm from Europe, my assumption is most of it is applicable for the craft industry over here? Besides the organization CERF+ of course. Would be very interesting to have a similar survey done over here.

One of the things that struck me was that 8 in ten artist indicated they did not receive an adequate business- or career related education in college. Fortunately the bare essentials are mandatory here in Holland in the first few years of high school, before students differentiate onto college or trade schools. 
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