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Is anybody working on a project in 2020?


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8/6/2020 is the first time I re-sawed a piece of cherry to put it through our planer.  I found a board of cherry 2.25" wide x 21" long x 3/4" thickness at our local ReStore and imprecisely estimated 3/16" of an inch using the fence's measurement's on the fence rail.  Next I put it through our benchtop planer for 3 passes, 2 on one side and 1 on the back side and our planer's minimum thickness is .134"... and I was trying to get to .125" or 1/8" thickness... so will have backer board setup if I need a precise .125".   This is a perfect piece of cherry wood with the most beautiful tiny knots... I want to cut it up for floors, but I can't make it thin enough without a backer board.  Generally I make my floors from 1/16" thickness.  I am happy to report that my thumb was not in danger, after I pushed that board through to resaw it.  

Saturday, I hope to look for some fine grain American beech locally, as I want to do a wall of linenfold and gothic decoration... if I can't find it, then I will use walnut as I've got a great inventory of walnut.

I've been working on chairs for friends for what seems like forever, but the chairs are in the assembly stage, so looking to acquire wood for my next project.


please post!

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Dear Husband was able to purchase a 1/2" thick piece of Quarter Sawn Beech for me about 8-5/8" wide... I will practice on walnut or cherry first, but glad that I was able to find some quarter sawn beech as I am hoping the grain will not be too overpowering to look like oak in 1/12th scale.... so glad we still have a brick & mortar hardwood supplier in our community. 



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Tamra, yes I am! Where do you want me to start? Haha, I have four federal style tables, four Victorian extending dining tables, two sets of 8 Victorian balloon back chairs and an Italian document box dating from 1750 that will be covered with petitpoint on 90 count on five sides in progess.

We also spend 8 weeks renovating my workroom to make it a big bigger. It involved breaking down a brick wall and building a new wall, fixing the ceiling, painting the room and installing a new floor. We also build drawers for my desk, I have thought to post about it in the workshop thread we have on the forum. I just haven't had time yet.

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Elga, first, thank you for coming back to the FMF Community!  I miss reading what other miniaturist are doing.  YOU have been in my thoughts frequently as I approach the finish of the PPs 2019 UK Chairs - and I will turn to the Boston Card Table for my next in - depth project - and will hope to have it finished for show and tell - if we ever get to see miniaturists again at the Chicago International show or Guild School.

I am finding it difficult to take pictures as I work though - not great content for the FMF if I don't take pictures.  

A revised workroom is so exciting... and the drawers will be super useful as you will be able to put tools in their place... and look forward to the photos.

Are all of these wood items for Petitpoint?  It sounds like you will have enough stitching to do for at least a couple of years.  I think I only need to be able to live to be about 186 years of age; keep my eyesight and dexterity and I'll be able to stitch all the charts I have purchased over the years... and to imagine that I still want to buy more charts... stop me now!






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Tamra, no I am going to upholster the chairs with silk or thin cotton velvet. The 90 count panels are more than enough petitpoint for now.

I will see if I can post a few photos over the weekend.

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Hello Tamra..

Certainly, working on miniatures... it's my way of life and full time job!

Many commissions, mainly bathroom sets and accessories.. and now I'm reproducing rooms and bathrooms of a luxury rural hotel not far from where I live, the ownwer loves miniatures!

Best Regards to everybody!


IGMA collage red..jpg

00 collage spittal 2 red..jpg

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That shower is wonderful!

I'm working on a variety of items, but am terrible about taking pictures and posting. I'm currently working on:

  • 3 roomboxes for grand-daughters,
  • a Victorian Farm Table in an on-line class with Elga,
  • milling some picture frames
  • turning a few hat stands,
  • rewiring one of my first roomboxes,
  • and I just finished a French Knot rug.

I keep promising Weekend Miniaturist that I will take up her challenge to turn for 100 hours and post some progress there - soon!

The on-line class has been fun and I am learning a lot. I hope Elga will offer another!

Good to see some new posts here!


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I agree, the shower is really great.

And yes Martha, I am thinking of the next online class. Wow you are busy with a lot of things.



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