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Mystery Food Artisan

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Hi all. I have been trying to document the old pieces in my collection (with limited success) and I have a food creator that I cannot identify. I have many pieces of her/his food, they are all signed with a # for the item and the handwritten name. All would have been bought some time between 1978 and 1984. As in all handwritten signatures there is slight variation but it’s pretty consistent where the signature is clear. On her glass based pieces (eg a cake on a glass stand) the signature is often close to gone at this point. Anyway, I would appreciate any and all thoughts on this, I can’t even decide the exact spelling! Here are a two photos that show clear signatures.



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hmmm.... 1984 is only 36 years ago... you bring to light that it would be helpful if artists signed their entire names and the necessity for us to collect information as we acquire items for our collections.  Did you save your receipts?  I did, but even some of my receipts don't have a business name on them.   I wish I had know there were miniatures in 1984 and could have started my collection then; my NAME member ship card says I joined in 1996.  

I think the best resources are other food artisans, or ALL the miniature magazines from that time period.  I remember reading about the current new offerings of miniatures.    

I hope someone in the Fine Miniatures Forum might recognize the signature.



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No receipts sadly, I was about as lax as one can be about documentation. 😑 But the magazines are a great idea, I have some but my roster is incomplete partly because I often let my subscriptions lapse because money was tight back then. Same reason I stopped collecting for a long while. But there are old magazines always hanging around, I have gotten quite a few at shows and some on eBay. Thanks for the idea, I will browse through once the storms roll in today and stop me from gardening!

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