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Best wishes.

Bill Hudson

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My word for April 2020 is CONTENTMENT; it is only April 1st though - and I only want to get through the next 29.   I am not going to think about May until 4/30/2020.     We are a lucky bunch of creative people as I'm sure most miniaturists have two projects in process and about 200 ideas floating around in their heads!

I worked on brass candlesticks GS Class (do-over) last month; still practicing turning to specific diameters and lengths.  Now before I turn Candlestick #3 pre work, I am checking my measurements again for turning 1 & 2 from my drawing.   After I get 5 matching diameters and lengths pieces of brass will use the gravers to finish.  

I fired porcelain dolls for the 2nd time yesterday... so my gently used and in great condition, manual kiln that DH purchased for me when I was last at GS does indeed fire to Cone 6 and I do have porcelain!  So....this kiln will not be used for annealing metals...  I was quite conflicted with manual vs. digital kilns - I will be learning for a long time.   I finally decided that learning to use a manual kiln would be a good learning experience and since I already had one, I needed to just get a receptacle for it and try it and see what happens.    Next I have to learn to china paint faces... I'm sure this will be a very humbling experience.  I got a Kerri P Unicorn  last year at the Chicago International and this idea of a Lady to accompany my unicorn has been  in my imagination since last year, and firing my own porcelain just sounds like an "I'm all in" project.

Last weekend I worked on the tabletop for the Boston Card Table with needlepoint...now I just need to plane some cherry down or find my wider cherry... as I used Brazilian Cherry and think the grain is a little heavier then I want.  

My goal for April 2020 is to make some QA type legs for chairs and my Boston Card Table...

I have only been to the grocery store; nothing is open, so except for the proposed activity of stalking the craft aisles at Walmart, there is no shopping happening around here.  They closed the library when they closed schools; thankfully I have a library at home.   I am committed to "Contentment" for 29 more days.  

I am wishing everyone a productive stay-cation and hope to see some photos in the FMF!!















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