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Three volume set with slipcase
Still a few issues to work out but they are getting better I think
The Life of Napoleon
Volume I: The House of Bonaparte
Volume II: The Grande Armee
Volume III: Napoleon's Marshals
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They are readable each one about 55 pages, 100% cotton paper, gilt edges. Each marshal is labeled and has his portrait, each member of the imperial family the same. The Grande Armee features the work of Hippolyte Bellangé

The slipcase needs some work next one will be better. I used to have a set of The Campaigns of Napoleon in three volumes with a similar case I think Folio Society did it. 


Next up a two volume set of Homer using the illustrations of John Flaxman

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First pass at my Homer by Flaxman - Iliad and Odyssey each includes all 34 original plates done by John Flaxman

I can see some areas to improve but I am getting better


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I love books!  I have a true library of life size books, and need a couple more book shelving units elsewhere in our home - or could take the work related books to work.. Yes, that would probably be better option.

Miniature Books are equally fun to collect... May I suggest better focus to show off your work?  Try taking the pictures for a greater distance if using auto focus camera, then cropping the photos electronically.  I have collected some in the states, and  buy some when  I was in the UK.  I do wish we had more US options.  Did you learn this skill from taking classes?  Studying, etc... I've only assembled some from Paperminis.com and have not tried to print with my computer or reduce illustrations electronically.  I would love to have a printing press!



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Self taught been working on it about 2 to 3 months. Each one is a learning experience as I fine tune my process and materials. I plan on doing a whole series of art books, currently I have two mapped out, Canova and Thorvaldsen, with a Jacques-Louis David in the works, but I plan to do many of the classical artists, focusing on neoclassical and Academic art. Alma-Tadema, Godward, Bouguereau, the list is endless

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"The list is endless..."  I feel the same way about my real life library... and miniature projects.

I look forward to the next reveal...

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No they are Perfect Bound 

From Wiki


Perfect binding is often used for paperback books. It is also used for magazines; National Geographic is one example of this type. Perfect-bound books usually consist of various sections with a cover made from heavier paper, glued together at the spine with a strong glue. The sections are milled in the back and notches are applied into the spine to allow hot glue to penetrate into the spine of the book. The other three sides are then face-trimmed. This is what allows the magazine or paperback book to be opened. Mass-market paperbacks (pulp paperbacks) are small (16mo size), cheaply made with each sheet fully cut and glued at the spine; these are likely to fall apart or lose sheets after much handling or several years. Trade paperbacks are more sturdily made, with traditional gatherings or sections of bifolios, usually larger, and more expensive. The difference between the two can usually easily be seen by looking for the sections in the top or bottom sides of the book.

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