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A bit of fantasy

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Bill Hudson

Just a quick thread; this is my take on the Cinderella carriage. It is mostly (carved) wood.


Below are some of the parts being built. Sorry I don't have more to show.




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I love it Bill, wonderful carving job and I really like the paint work, any Cinderella's dream carriage :-)

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Debora Beijerbacht

Ooh wow! These over the Big fat Gypsy weddings are nothing compared to this! The carvings look superb. Wish I'd know more bout carriage building though, there must be so much to appreciate in there. I had to back and forth between the pictures to figure out where the particular parts are mounted. I do hope you have more (detailed) pictures? It's stunning!  

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Catherine Ronan

WOW!!! That is so lovely and deicate. The carving is beautiful. It is the best Cinderella carriage I have ever seen.


Makes me wish I could go to the ball.

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Bill Hudson

Debora,  My photos of the Coach got lost or misplaced during when we down sized our house. These photos were in the Nutshell News feb 1997.  Not the best quality.


Ferenc Albert made the glass lenses.  A friend made the humming bird patterns and I cast them.  The metal is brass, platted with 24 c gold.  The body and top are constructed of wood.  All of the carvings are of pear wood. I really hated to paint over them.  The paints were bottled acrylic with pearlessent powder mixed in. After painting an over spray with my air brush with a clear mixed with opal powder Then a clear spray.  Each coat was rubbed out to a fine finish before the next coat. Although fantasy the whole carriage is based on the Berline style carriage with the correct under carriage and fifth wheel.









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