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Landscape with Acis and Galatea by Claude Lorraine

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I worked on this for around a month I guess.  I just thought I’d post it.  The pictures I took aren’t the best.  Maybe I’ll try to take a better one for a final. 




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I like the light behind the tree leaves; my eyes were drawn here first.  Is there is an angel in the composition?  I think that will be very challenging element... I hope to see some of your paintings, in person at the next Masterworks event in 2021!  I'm fascinated that I can see texture in your miniature painting.

I know you are also increasing my limited knowledge or real life art, too.  

I'm off to open the can of paint; I've been given permission to paint some trim tonite before my backsplash tile contractor arrives tomorrow at 9:00 am.

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Lol!  Yes we can meet then, but it seems far off!  It’ll probably go by fast but  I’m getting to an age where I’d prefer time to slow down, not hurry up. 

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I’ve started working on this painting again.  I’m going to start glazing to try different things, and working on more details.  But it will be over a long period.  


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