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Hello from Miracle Chicken


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   AKA Linda Master. I have been into miniatures from as far back as I can remember. In fact it is my oldest memory. My mother would buy me a new piece of Petite Princess furniture every time she went to the 5-and-10. Then in 12th grade art class, (1975-76) a sculpture assignment had me scrambling to find a medium to work in that was not that horrid feeling orange clay! I found an old broken x-acto knife and a little piece of wood and carved 4 tiny animals for my assignment. That day changed my life. I never stopped carving animals.  I earned Fellow status in IGMA in 2012 in the "Animal Figures" category.

   I do full size and miniature drawing and painting. I am a woodworker, and have begun making furniture in miniature. I do chip-carving in miniature. And to get the tiny boards, I mill them down myself. I LOVE to make my own tools. I built a thickness sander from plans found on the internet and also a little thicknesser/jointer-sander from plans in Scale Cabinetmaker. 

   In 2001, I moved to southeast Ohio, out in the gorgeous country. I have 12 acres, and I can cut down little trees of different species, let the logs dry, and mill them down. 

   Miracle Chicken is the name of my beloved sweet little hen that I hatched. I was her mother. I named my little business after her. 

Thank you for inviting me to this forum---Linda





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