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This is my miniature painting website/blog if anyone is interested.  I do not sell anything.  It’s just a site to show my paintings and maybe in the future, process and that sort of thing. It’s not a finished site by any means.  I’ve only posted a few paintings so far. The name bigghorn comes from a stuffed animal my son carried with him when he was little.  It was a horned monster, but it had one horn that was slightly larger than the other (which he apparently saw) and so he called it “bighorn”. I had too lug that thing around for years, always looking for it whenever we went to grandmas ( because we dare not leave without it).  So though it’s days are long over (he’s 15 now), I thought that I’d name my site in its honor.  I obviously couldn’t get a domain with the word “bighorn” so I had to go with “bigghorn” with two “g”s.  So it’s not a misspelling!


Thanks, Ben


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