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4 days and counting for the pre-registration lottery of class assignments for Guild School 2020! 

June 13-19, 2020     Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine

Have you registered?  


If you have questions about Guild School, please contact Barbara Davis (miniredleader) at guildschooligma@gmail.com.

Furniture?  Pottery? Silvermaking? Sculpting? micro miniature structures with Nell?  An Auction that benefits Guild School and, did I mention LOBSTER??? 

Seminars, Minis, Munchies and More where you can meet your favorite miniature artist...  

Back to classes... Metal working?  A miniature guitar?   I think there are 47 different and incredible classes!

Plan to attend the BEST WEEK of 2020 with the Masters of the Arts!





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The class descriptions with photos are available on the Guild's Website... and Guild Members are reporting delivery of the 2020 class catalog are arriving in mailboxes!



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Regrettably, the 200+ Guild Students that would have arrived today in Castine, Maine are sheltering at home to keep the world a safer place.  If you have ever wondered about the Guild School experience, you are cordially invited to click this link and learn about the Best Week of the Year!


The Virtual Opening Exhibit is wonderful... look at the incredible accomplishments of our students led by the most artistic, patient and kind instructors.  Check back daily, and I'm looking forward to being immersed in miniatures this week, while sheltering at home.





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