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Nice "gritty" models


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Ken Hamilton is a wonderful miniature maker. His work is a bit different from pristine architectural houses, but no less precise in its execution.

A couple of years back Ken had a nice show in a gallery in Philadelphia, it was nice to see this kind of work in an art gallery setting.

Here is one of my favorites on his photo site:


There are many youtube videos that feature his work, here is one that features another favorite model:

Moderators Note, the first 35 seconds are a advertisement, then it shows a worn down apartment building miniature and later a weathered truck

Hope you enjoy!


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That is absolutely amazing.  I love "gritty" miniatures where you can connect to the personality within it.  That truck reminded me of my dad when I was growing up, the hard work with little pay and broken down rigs...  Stunning, thanks for sharing.

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