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Sister of Marcia Backstrom

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Hey!  My name is Karen, and I am the sister of the late Marcia Backstrom.  Marcia was a substantial talent in the miniature doll world with her original dolls still being displayed in private collections and museums around the world!  Maybe some of you remember her work!  Until I am more technically proficient as to be able to add pictures, you can google her name to see some of her fantastic character dolls.   In the meantime, I would love to hear from those of you who knew my sister.  Knowing Marcia, there are some funny stories out there!!

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Karen, do you also participate in the miniature world?  I did not meet your Sister, but I was definitely aware of her work, and I think I found one of her head molds locally, and was thrilled to have found it.   

I look forward to seeing photos of your Sisters' dolls... perhaps you could start a forum topic in the Dolls and Figures Category and can upload the photos in the topic...?   Occasionally in the mini doll forum, people post photos and ask if anyone recognizes the artisan's work... so we would also love to know the details of how your Sister signed her work.

Welcome to the Fine Miniatures Forum!




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I have met your sister at the Chicago Show and Sales. I believe, your mother was helping her that day. I always admired her beautiful older ladies, all properly dressed. I am sure she is missed as a wonderful person and as a talented artist.

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