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Jackie Aiken

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Hi, I am new to this forum. My name is Jackie Aiken and I'm from Edgewood, Maryland. I am a member of IGMA and NAME. I will be attending the Guild School in June and taking the pottery class.

I have been out of miniatures for almost 20 years.  My previous interest was renovating a dollhouse my Father built for me in 1955. My current interest is building furniture for the house. I would also like to take my interest in pottery and needlepoint into small scale.

I am looking forward to learning from you folks and meeting some of you at the Guild School.

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Jackie, welcome back to the miniature community!  Have you ever been to Guild School before?  If you have any questions about Guild School, please ask, and someone will be able to help you... and if we don't get the answers you need, we will contact Mini Red Leader, as we are sure she has the answers!

Oh, I definitely wanted to take the pottery class too.  Generally I want to sign up for at least 96 hours of classes... <sigh>... I'm sorry that I am missing school this year, It always sad to be at home when Guild School is in session!  I'm hopeful I will get to return in 2020!

I will be standing at my lathe, at least on the weekends surrounding Guild School and will definitely miss all the fun!


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