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Hello from Kansas City!

JL Morgan

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Hi All,

I've been working on a doll house for my daughter for a few years now and coming up to speed on methods and techniques. I started full sized wood working (hobby) almost 20 years ago. With a tendency to make my own tools and jigs. Progress is slow but we are still moving.

IMG_1791 (1).jpg

IMG_1576 (1).jpg

IMG_1573 (2).jpg

IMG_1790 (1).jpg

IMG_1169 (1).jpg

IMG_1788 (1).jpg

IMG_1792 (1).jpg

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This house is stunning. You did an excellent job so far. I have trouble logging in but hope I will be able to follow your progress!


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Welcome to the forum!  Your structure progress is quite beautiful.  I'm guessing, but you must be close to the Kansas City Toy & Miniature Museum?  It would be wonderful to be able to go to the museum frequently - I could sit in front of Mr. Robertson's 'Twin Manors' for hours and be quite happy, trying to absorb all the details.  Your daughter is going to have a wonderful treasure!

I love the dentil moulding.  I have not made any dentils on the table saw yet; I have only made them in a pin routing class.  Your results look great.

We have a painter who has joined the forum, from your area too... Ben, from Kansas City... Someday I will get back to the KC Toy & Miniature Museum - hopefully for the next Masterworks event, so I hope we can meet in person.


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To answer your question,  Very close to the T/M Museum, including being patrons of the museum in an attempt to support the art form. Funny you bring up Mr. Robertson (Bill), because I was incredibly fortunate to have the chance to sit in front of Twin Manor with him and pick his brain on translating full size fine woodworking to 1/12 scale. As I mention in my intro, creating ways (i.e. holding, cutting, and repeatable process jigs along with the tooling) to make to the translation at the very highest level possible is what draws me to miniatures. For instance, the dentil molding jig is more or less a simple 1/12 version of tooling I've used to make the real thing. I'm a frugal spender so often times my invention is born from need and an enormous lack of patience. 

One final point I'll share about the last two years moving into Miniatures. The entire community is one of the most welcoming group (from newbie to world famous Master) of soles I've run across in my travels and I'm thankful to share my journey with you all...

I hope it's OK to share few more photo's 

  • Teak and Brass turning experiments
  • Scale router bit making set up
  • Rail, Style and Grill tooling experiments












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Your photos are definitely welcomed!  I just wish I could click on them and they would become larger... but photos on the FMF are still mystery to me.  There is so many details in a structure, and I can tell that you are well suited to this task.  The last photo of a window (?) appears to be weathered, and the masters represented at the museum in weathering techniques were Pat & Noel Thomas, another fine, fine specimen to study in the museum's collection.   I think if my memory is working that it is the Greene & Greene structure in the KC Toy & Miniatures Museum that I remember seeing, and there is another structure, but I would have to find the book right now to get the name of it; I'm sure I have a photo somewhere when I visited the Museum.

If I lived in Kansas City, it would be so enjoyable to have access to this incredible collection.

For your painting and finishing process.. did you drill holes for the dowels, are did you stick them with straight pins?  I use straight corsage pins in an inconspicuous place on the back or underside, if I am unable to hold them.  

Unless there is a deadline involved, I enjoy my standard turtle pace.

I'm so glad that you found the forum and your daughter is going to be one very lucky lady to have a house that her father built for her, this is truly a priceless gift.


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I was just passing through (because I hadn't been on the forum for a while) and I noticed that you are from Kansas City.  I am to, well the Metro anyway; Overland Park.  Your project is stunning.  I am very impressed.  I'm a painter.  I had been painting miniature copies of famous paintings.  I haven't painted in a while but I am getting ready to start up again I think.  Thanks for posting your project.


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You posted your photos at 2" and 3" width.  Try 8" that will give you larger photos and still be with in the limits off this forum. Would like to see more of your work. these come out a little blurry because I am working from copies from you posting. 



IMG_1082.jpg.023cc85a993a1799ff3a9e956457c4d0.jpg at 2" as you posted

 At 8" as I resized and posted.



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