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I have collected for some years now and came across a really nice find in my local charity shop.

I just can’t seem to find any information on these sets , nor have I had any luck identifying the signature , any help would be great.

The Lot came together with Hope Elliot punnets & Gail Wise fruits.


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Does anyone have the mini makers mark book?  What do we think the initials or the name are of this maker?  I think the '82 is clear.  Is it TRW, FREU, FRW?  I hope someone with some experience in 1982 can help you.  I am not familiar with Hope Elliot or Gail Wise, but this may be your best clue.  There are so many incredible people out there who have made miniatures, perhaps we should begin encouraging makers of miniatures today, to sign with their full names and country...what is the wooden object with the initials in your picture?  Is the signature on the bottom or the top of the piece?

When I am in research mode, I go looking through my library of US Mini Magazines for the names of folks that were making miniatures during that time period.  Other resources in the UK may be someone who has collected for decades... so I have also tried to purchase miniature books from UK authors too for cross referencing makers and attempting to do my research.  I am guessing you are in the UK, as I had to look up the word "Punnet", as we would say container or basket of strawberries in the States.

Welcome to the forum!



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The closest I could come to this signature in the makers' marks book is a Peter F. Wescott who made room boxes. architectural models, etc. in the 70's and 80's. There is some similarity to the mark on your piece, although the first letter doesn't look too much like a "P".


I'm afraid I'm not familiar with his work. Sorry I can't be more helpful.





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