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Greetings from the burbs of Chicago

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Hello all.  My name is Keith and I am very new to miniatures.  My one year anniversary is at the end of Aug.  It was suggested to me to check out this forum from someone on the Greenleaf forum.  I made a crude stackable dollhouse for my daughter and it was when I started making some of the interior furnishings that I said to myself “hey this is pretty cool.”  So after I finished her stuff I started making furniture for myself. I look forward to everything this site has to offer. 

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Darren Thomas
  • Welcome to the world of miniatures Keith!!   If you're on Facebook, there's a great community forum (just search "International Guild of Miniature Artisans" - enjoy!
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Keiffer33, welcome to the FMF!  I think I have posted to you on the lathe topic on the greenleaf forum... I am 90 miles door to door from home to the Bishop Show... so if you ever need any local help, feel free to message me.  We are so fortunate that the Chicago International Show is local to us.

I promise all miniature knowledge is cummulative... so what do you want to make next?

It is me, Neverfinished2005 from the Greenleaf forum...



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