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Micro-Mark & Parallel Jaw Flat 3 step Pliers


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Thank you to the Guild for that wonderful Micro-Mark Discount - I used it this week, even on sale items that were emailed to me,   (the periodic $10 sale) and it was like getting free shipping...  I ordered another (JUST IN CASE)  0-80 tap & die, ratchet tap wrench, etc, but the treasure was finding the Parallel flat 3 step plier.  https://www.micromark.com/Parallel-Jaw-Flat-3-Step-Plier

I have been looking for this plier in small diameter for a while; and haven't been able to source it locally, and was wondering if I was going to be able to take a pair a part so I could file them down by hand.  It may still be a little too big, but I am closer... I think I can file it carefully if I want a smaller round diameter for my diy hinges.

(From my memory) Harry Smith has a pair of these in photographed in his book.  This pair from micro-mark has a really nice flat side; Can't find the HS Book, so this is purely memory!


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