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Mystery artisan with maker mark MMA


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Hi all. I have two little 1/12 scale sterling lanterns. They were purchased at some point between 1982-1983, and I believe were part of a line of miniatures commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum in the late 70’s early ‘80’s that were based on American(?) pieces, probably for sale in the museum shop. Based on information from another miniature collector I think the silversmith was maybe Obadiah Fisher. This collector was certain that Obadiah Fisher had done miniatures for the MMA and had signed them “MMA” as opposed to his usual makers mark of OF with each letter enclosed in a box. What I do know for sure is that Obadiah Fisher was commissioned in 1977 by the MMA to do wax models of Egyptian jewelry for the King Tut show. So it seems possible he could have worked with the MMA on these lanterns? Mostly what I am interested in is in tracking down who the actual artisan is who made the lanterns, and what period piece (if any) they are copied from. Of course, another possibility is that the artisan did the original wax models and the MMA just cast the miniature pieces as needed for sale in the shop. And likely miniature pieces like this didn’t turn over real quickly. Anyway, any help and/or ideas in this endeavor would be deeply appreciated! I am hoping that I can post the pictures, I have never tried posting before. Thanks so much for any insights.


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