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Handmade (simulated) carved frame

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i thought I’d post my handmade frame in which I tried to simulate “carved” look.  It’s franing a nautical painting I’d made some months ago.  I afterward put a light grayish wash on and a little gold.  


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Yes. It’s a wood frame with wood filler and then painted.  I started with wood anyway.  The filler has saw dust in it does that count?  Lol. Anyway I was trying to simulate a carved look

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You should try the real carved exercise to see if you like it.  Carving looks to be a lot of fun and the wonderful thing about miniatures, in theory is that you don't need a lot of space!

There has to be some You Tube info on carving, and books and magazines!  Someday when I get finished with my petitpoint rug(s) I'll try carving.  I think I can schedule for the year of my 101st birthday... when I get all my petitpoint stuff stitched.  I think Karin C and others have a carving tools post... I an drawn to the flex tools, but I think miniaturists can carve with the various xacto knife options, so you can buy one of those sets of xacto at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann Fabric & Crafts here in the US for 40 -60% off (subject to coupon limitations.)  Joann has occasional 60% off coupons, but the store may not have the set you want; it is dependent upon Store Size... I don't have a Super Store, so our inventory is different then the largest stores... guess I'm fessing up that I've been at Joann Fabric in different states.

However, each time I try to be cheap, in the long run, I know I'll be moving up in better quality tools, so to balance my spending, I do occasionally hunt for treasured tools on Craigs List when time permits.  


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