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Hello, I am Pete Boorum from NH

Pete Boorum

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I have been involved in miniatures for over 35 years.  With my wife Pam, we team teach at the Guild School, NAME and a number of shows in the USA.  Our business is Smaller Than Life.  We specialize in Shaker and colonial furniture and also are a source for miniatures, machine tools, hand tools, custom lumber, picture frames and related items.  I have been a member of the Guild School Tool Pool for a dozen years.  Additionally, I am a long time member of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers and am active in the New England Model Engineering Society.  We are distributors for Taig Lathes,  Anker style  Duplicators, Proxxon table saws and Sherline metal working equipment.  I make miniature-related accessories for many of these machines as well as a number of hand tools.


Visit us at http://www.smallerthanlife.com

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