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Wm. R. Robertson's TED talk is online

Wm. R. Robertson

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Hello all,

My TEDxKC talk is now online on YouTube. Please watch and post to your Facebook, Instagram and whatever since I don't do any of those things. The more folks view it the better for me!

For those that don't know me well I have for the last 40 years built fine scale miniatures of all sorts of tools, scientific instruments and the like. This TEDxKC talk was given in front of 3,000+ people on Aug. 18th in Kansas City.

It shows my work, my workshop and even touches on my antique tool collection.

Enjoy and pass it around! (Please)


Details matter: a micro mechanician in the modern era | Bill Robertson | TEDxKC - YouTube
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That was very interesting Bill.   I especially liked seeing the Architect's workshop, even though I've seen photos in the past.  Thanks for sharing it.  

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That was one really, smooth ted talk... my knees would be knocking if I were doing a Ted Talk... 

The Ted organization continues its support of the Miniature Arts community and has published another fabulous piece about Mr. Robertson's work.  


Twin Manors is incredible and I am looking forward to seeing those next two pieces... I wonder where these pieces will debut?  and what will happen for his 50th year in miniatures?  If only I won the lottery... I would be bidding on TMII!


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