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Charting for Needlework & Knitting


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I finally made the decision to buy a laptop to help me with my 'etch a sketch' activities that I could work on digitally.  Touchscreens have been available for a long time with smart phones and tablets, and computer monitors and of course laptops.  So, I made the decision to buy a laptop, so I could have the largest monitor possible for design purposes.  I am happy to report that I am able to use the touch screen to draw in Patternmaker and PC Stitch programs.

When you need to buy a new computer to upgrade, a touchscreen is a wonderful option.

My versions of PC Stitch and Patternmaker are old,  and I purchased inexpensively from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  I generally use to re-graph something that I can't read, like an old hand drawn black & white chart.  I found that I make a few less mistakes when I have color and symbols, so that is the reason that I purchased software... oh, and the dream of someday figuring out how to create my own designs.

I can draw with my fingertip and fill color, change color by touching the screen, and I can eliminate the repetitive motion of using the left mouse button and clicking.

I haven't tested Corel Draw yet, but I'm pretty sure that I will be able to draw with a pen stylus, too.  I have a stylus, but I don't have a pen stylus, will have to go to the store and see what is available.

So next time you are replacing a mobile digital device, and you have a need to draw on a computer, look for a touch screen option and save your hands for fine miniature projects!






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