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1 Zu 12 Miniature Show in Germany

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Once a year, in early summer, Westphalia becomes an attractive meeting point for miniaturists from all over Europe. That is when at the A2 Forum at Rheda-Wiedenbrück everything revolves around doll's houses and miniatures on a scale of 1:12 and smaller. As worldwide well-respected sales show, 1zu12 - Die Messe shows a representative profile of everything the international miniatures market has to offer - for hobbyists as well as for demanding collectors. With a range of goods that reaches from simple construction kits up to exquisite miniatures, 1zu12 - Die Messe is one of a kind in Germany.Its high quality standards and cosy atmosphere are highly praised by visitors as well as exhibitors. Each year, more than 200 professional craftspeople, artists, specialist dealers and hobbyists are looking forward to presenting their current assortment of goods to an interested public. For the current fair, new top-class exhibitors guarantee diversion and suspense, but of course there are also many old friends who are looking forward to meeting once again.

As a special highlight, some of the exhibitors are preparing a so-called Special for the fair. Those are particularly nice miniatures or scenes as well as intricately decorated scenarios which are presented for the first time during the 1zu12-fair. These special showpieces give new ideas to the visitors and raise the fair over the level of a simple sales show.

At some tables, you can also watch the artists at work - or participate in a professionally guided workshop on Friday before the show to gain valuable knowledge in miniature crafting. Also look at the pages Workshops.


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I have been lucky enough to attend this show the last two years, the only international fair I have been to, so I can't compare it to any other shows, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. There are two halls, the larger caters more for DIY's with supplies for house building, furniture making, knitting, petit point, etc. Many of the dealers who sells supplies in here did also sell finished items and there was a sprinkling of artisans in here as well.

I spend most of the time in the smaller hall that only had artisans selling their work here, oh, the delight of seeing wonderful items for real that you have only seen in magazines or on websites before, the first time I felt like a kid at Christmas time let loose in the best toyshop ever. It was great to meet some of the artists and talk to them and closing time came all too soon. Although many artists sell online...nothing beats seeing wonderful miniatures for real and discovering artists that you didn't know about.

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