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Dovetail Jig

Guy Gadois

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Next project is a 1:8 scale roll top desk. I needed a dovetail jig, but could not find one, so I fabricated the one shown. The size and spacing of the tails and pins is determined by the inverted cone diameter and diameter of the shank right above the cutter, so various configurations are possible.

Cheers, Guy598169070bdbc_DovetailJig5.thumb.jpg.f078b0daf588af04ba9c971e564e2aa5.jpg

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Guy, I have Jack Blackham's dovetail jig and it is very similar to the one you made, and my husband also found the Scale of Twelve Dovetail jig for me on eBay.  I am very fond of the dovetailing techniques that have been taught by our IGMA Instructors and I now have little more confidence when dealing with the subject...  With your permission, I can post photos of the other two jigs in this forum topic.  One of my favorite dovetailing experience was creating dovetails joints of a miniature plane  I could happily work on a collection of little miniature wooden planes made from brass and steel for a long winter adventure.

Are you completing the 1:8 roll top desk from someone's printed instructions?  I think there is an article in an earlier Fine Woodworking from James Dorsett... or is that one featuring Wm Robertson's work?  

Your jig looks excellent... you must have your own mill? Is it made from aluminum?

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I found the plans in a Scale Cabinet Maker magazine. They were for a 1:12 scale but there were drawings scaled up to 1:8.

Yes, I do have a Sherline mill.

 The base of the jig is a sold piece of aluminium measuring 1.75 x 1.75 x 3 (inches). The two clamps and the comb are aluminium as well.

  The jig does resemble the Willis jig without the C-clamp.  If you would like to show other dovetail jigs please do so.

Cheers, Guy

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Hi Guy,

Really excellent roll top desk that you have made, I am thinking of making one myself, is it possible that you Rember the 'Scale Cabinetmakers' issue that you found the dovetail jig in.

Regards Mike

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Mike,  There were two dovetail jigs that I know of....

1)  The Scale of Twelve - 

               TSC, Summer 1979, p.41 Scale hardwood (Goode; MiniMill; Shaker); dovetail jig (Scale of Twelve), open, and blind dovetail joinery; marble for tabletops (Blackham), cartouche shaped marble.
  "TSC Product Reviews"

No author ; (Scale: 1 in)

Guy made his dovetail jig, but I took a class with Jack Blackham (the same Blackham referenced above)  in the TSC list of topics in the minimag index that is online.

The Scale of Twelve Advertisements are also in Nutshell News, there is a pretty detailed article in a NN and I think it has a Phylis Tucker (Happy Unicorn) Chandelier on the cover - if my memory is still working, I am guessing somwhere in years 1978 - 1980.........









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