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"Lane near Dedham" by Constable ( my copy)


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Ben, I like the detail in this painting. Is it larger painting and allows you more space for detail?  Are these past paintings?  If you are posting your paintings, as your are painting them, you are fast... Although, thinking about my one painting that I did at Guild School was a 12 hour class.  I now have more sense and developed my own "fear of art",  and have found wonderful excuses to buy tools and not pick up a paint brush again.

I am purposefully not referencing the original and am only looking at your miniature art work.

Are you and the cat still on speaking terms?  I imagine you holding your cat upside down to paint with its whiskers... and then the cat's expression when you are ask for a whisker or two.

If John Constable could time travel, I wonder what he would think of your miniature, and the fact that his work continues to live and be appreciated by an artist today, 215 years later....






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Thank you to both.  I haven't painted with the cat whisker for a while now ( the cat is relieved).  It is a new one - on the weekends generally I'll have to prepare the panel ( which takes a little because I put 3 coats of gesso and sand each) but I would spend probably 3-4 hours painting off and on.  But these are very fluid paintings- a more detailed figure or something would take much longer I guess 


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