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Sharpening Tool Bits


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Sharpen This, Part 3: What the &^%$ is Sharp?

the Lost Art Press has 3 blog entries on sharpening...   

Good grief, I have read, re-read, purchased books, cruised through and printed applicable info on websites, copied magazine articles from Fine Woodworking,  and except for a jewelers gravers sharpener, I've covered most of the territory and have finally given in to the concept that practice, practice, practice is what is going to take. 

I am finally not getting multiple beveled edges when I am creating the tool, and it looks good, it just doesn't cut with a smooth finish.  The first one I cut finished well, and now I thought I would improve and I shouldn't have messed with it; time to go back and buy a few more blanks to practice on.  (I only bought 3, one is still un-touched and is the base of the stack.)

"A Sharp Edge has a Zero Radius Intersection"  Yeah right.  I'm looking for a sharpening mentor - I may have to go to the local turning club and actually join it to find someone to teach me the art of sharpening. 

Perhaps it is nice to know that I'm not the only person who has a problem eh?






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