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"American Pickers" Antique Shop in Iowa

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icon1.png The "American Pickers" store in Iowa

Recently I was driving across I-80 on the way to Chicago and knowing I was about 1 mile from the antique shop featured on "American Pickers" I thought I would stop…. Now these are just my observations on the day I was there so others may have a different take on the place. It is a wonderfully inviting shop and it looks just like it does on TV. It is filled with cool looking stuff and when you look at the price tags they are not too high, about the same as a big city downtown antique shop. There are a few boxes of old stock stuff like oil cans, etc. However just about all of the really cool stuff like motorcycles and bikes have little tags "not for sale". In the middle of one room was a rack full of really cool looking leather jackets and clothing….. this stuff was for sale but I don't they have to worry about the rack being cleaned out any time soon, most of it was so small it wouldn't fit a 12 year old anorexic. So you may wonder why have a business with two building and a bunch of girls working there…. to sell Tee Shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, posters, books and all forms of stuff from the show. I got there a little before opening time at 10am, I left about 20 minutes later and there were probably 35 people shopping away.

Basically it is the coolest looking Tee-shirt shop I have ever seen….. 

None of the TV car actors were there the day I was, but you can sure tell the money is rolling in…. their new building was really nice and certainly not inexpensive! 

And I didn't even buy a Tee-Shirt…. just didn't like the colors…







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