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1/12th scale decimal conversion chart.

Bill Hudson

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Bill, thank you for sharing this with the forum.  VERY Cool chart... I know I will be using this one!


(edited a day later...)


As a person who visualizes a 1/32, 1/16 in inches as it appears on a metal linear ruler, it was a shock to my brain when I was in that other master miniaturist's class this last year, combined with 7:45 am class starts, I understood why people drink caffeine in the morning - still made it through the week without drinking coffee. 


I'm putting this one in my tools..I just printed it on a 4x6" index card - and will probably have one taped to my lathe table here pretty quickly.



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Bill Hudson

Photo bucket has eliminated my files with this chart.

My scanner is not working well maybe you can read this. I don't seem to be ablate delete this. Sorry. I am not trying to sell these but If you send me a dollar to  cover the posting I will send you a copy. I will need you address too. 



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Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for such a quick response! I didn’t expect that folks would be checking in so often, so nice! Anyway, I appreciate the offer to mail it, and yes please, I am happy to send you the dollar and a stamped self addressed envelope. ? After all, you are paying for ink and paper to print a copy, issues I appreciate after buying both for school libraries for years. Since I am not sure how to work this (I am new to posting) can you email me your email and I will send all my info and get yours so I can send the $ and an envelope? My email is dubois_defilippis@yahoo.com and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!

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