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Taig cross-slide loose?


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The X-axis crank (radial axis) on my Taig cross slide will not stay put in the location where I stop it.  If the handle is at the top of the "dial", then gravity will cause it to return to the bottom.  No amount of cranking on either of the two set screws (front and radius of "dial") seems to change this.   It is so loose as to be way beyond what I would imagine possible for backlash.   Needless to say, this makes it nearly impossible to do anything that resembles precision machining without using calipers at each step.


Am I tightening the wrong set screws?  I appreciate any suggestions. 

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It is the three screws on the side that adjust this, start by tightening the front and the back one, just a little at a time until it stops wiggling. Then use the center screw as a locking screw as needed.

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