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Need suggestion for cantilever hinge

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I am making a 1:12 wooden box with a single cantilevered (internal) tray - picture a tool box or tackle box.   I am struggling with how to "pin" the hinge bars on the (thin) sides of the tray (and similarly, how to pin them inside the box itself).  They need to rotate as the tray articulates.  I am concerned that if I cold rivet them it will be too secure to move the tray.  All suggestions appreciated! 

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Peter Jensen

Cold rivet them with a thin shim with a U-shaped slot in the joint.  When you pull the shim out after riveting there should be enough play for the joint to move as it should.

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I don't know if this will work for you,  but I purchased a brass folding yardstick from the Little Dollhouse Shop, (Canada).  I thought it could be repurposed for hinging...  I purchased it at the Fall Chicago Bishop Show last year.  It is definitely riveted..




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