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room box I just made

Elizabeth Gazmuri

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Oh, wow, Elizabeth, your room box is stunning and your bed looks great, mine is still a pile of brass, maybe because I wouldn't really know where to put it at this stage. Love all the other items in your room too, maybe you could tell us more about them, who made them, etc.

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Elizabeth Gazmuri

Thank you!

Several very talented artist work are represented in this room. from left to right :


The brown stained chest on the floor I made in a Guild School class with Bill Robertson , the class was about hand cutting dovetails for joinery. He actually had a clever method that made it quite easy that I still use in my work. I recommend the class to everyone if he teaches it or something like it again.


On top of that is a painted box By Mary O'Brien in the cute schoolgirl style,


The needlepoint and footstool at the foot of the bed are by me, very early in my miniatures career


The quilt was made by Kate Adams with wonderful fabric you have to see up close to really appreciate I believe I got it off eBay


The painting above the side of the bed is by Mary O'Brien, I am a huge fan of her work so you see a lot of it in my room boxes.


The painting above the head of the bead is by Noel Thomas, looking into the water from the shore at Dice Head Lighthouse in Castine, Maine, I bought it at sale night at the Guild School from him the last year he taught there.


The fretwork corner shelf is by Pam Boorum. The brass and wood bed warmer by the fireplace is also by the Boorums, beautiful. They, by the way, are largely responsible for getting me, and many others, into this miniatures thing. I took a class from Pete sort of on a whim shortly after I left my nursing job, I was in that phase of just getting my feet wet seeing if I would like not being a part of the action in the operating rooms. He was so encouraging well, I never really looked back.


The candle stand is by me


An unknown artist did the painting over the fireplace, the fireboard is by Sue Roundtree, the sconces are by me and Mary O'Brien,



The two painted chairs are made by a collaborative effort off Mark Murphy and Mary O'Brien, and the painted desk is made by Mark Murphy and painted by me at a Guild Study program class taught by Mary O'Brien


The rug under the bed was woven by Chris Pratt, who does a lot of large scale weaving, and teaches it too. It was part of a trade I made with her for some chairs I think. The French knot rug in front of the fireplace was done by me but was purchased as a kit I think from Teresa Layman years ago.




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Thank you for sharing who made everything, you have a wonderful collection from very talented people in your room. Bill taught us the hand cut dovetails on the bone chest last year, that was fun to learn, I practiced doing it on wood once I got home.

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Wm. R. Robertson

Elizabeth, that is a wonderful room, I just love corner fireplaces and have one in my study. I am so glad you all enjoy my classes and learn from them. It is especially nice to hear that you go home and practice and then use your new skills on you own projects.....

With all the artists involved it would be so easy to think of this as a "friends room"

Thanks for sharing it.

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Pete Boorum

Splendid work as always.  Thank you for the kind words.  Pam & I just taught a new miiniaturist how to use a jeweler's saw to make a Potty Chair at the "Fun Through Miniatures" event yesterday in Worcester, MA, where, I belive, Elizabeth took her first class.  The bed wamer, for the record, was made by Jim Ison, not us.

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