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Knitting is good for your brain! (any craft, really)


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This is a really good article. I can relate in so many ways. I was in fight or flight mode for literally every minute of every day for years. Then, when I lost little Miracle, I was a basket case and sat and carved cats, many many cats...they were dreadful because I was a wreck, but I learned.....a lot.....that's apparently how I channeled the horrid grief. Now I totally relate to what they referred to as flow, I put on my favorite music, start working and I am completely absorbed, lost in the moment for hours, in the zone. It's magic......

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Wm. R. Robertson

Well we all know when working on our miniatures how easy it is to forget about the real world....... And so much more fun....... And people give you money to do it which can keep you from joining in the real world with all it's problems....... What a life!

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