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What decorates your shop or studio walls?

Bill Hudson

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Bill Hudson

Bill R. started it out by showing what he has decorating his shop walls. What do others decorate their studio/shop walls with.


This is what I have on my wall in the shop part of my garage.  The two saws, axe and drawknife are what I used when I was 15 working with my dad in the woods taking out small trees for telephone poles.  The large crosscut saw was my model for the miniature saw I made in 1/18th scale, see second photo of my tools. The glass bottle with hook is an oil bottle used to cut pith when cross cutting with the cross cut saw.  The drag (power) saw is from the one he and I used to cut cord wood for sale. The hand saw and hammer are copies of my grandfather's tools.

 A special note:  the thing hanging on the wall, l in the shop picture by the horse shoe, is one half of a set of ox shoes.





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Wm. R. Robertson

That is sweet, I love decorated shops. I have a bunch of friends that have really nice shops...... And it is neat to be surrounded by things nice to look at considering how much time we spend there.

Now seeing there was logging in your past, do you ever feel strange messing with tiny pieces of wood?..... Kind of odd contrast between the two worlds. I often joke that yes I'm a woodworker, but no tree has ever been cut down on my account since I use about 2 board feet of wood a year.

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Your wall decoration is wonderful and inspiring, and your miniatures/mini versions are stunning, as always I sit and stare in awe :)


I have to use my "up space" (walls) for shelving, some pegboard etc... But I love looking at others' walls---

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Guy Gadois

Maybe this posting is in the wrong place and if so please relocate it, but I am responding to Bill's posting regarding decorating the shop.

This jukebox is the main decoration in my shop and it is both good and evil. Many times I lose focus in the current project and just turn the lights down low and take a major nostalgia trip.


Cheers, Gadois




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Bob McGinnis


            I Really like your Beautiful Juke Box !   I can see where it could sometimes become a distraction to your work.   From the looks of the rest of the photo your shop looks to be immaculate.  I would love to see more photos sometime.  Thanks for sharing this with us.

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