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Gerald Wingrove Car model builder, BEST metalworking site on the net!

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I have traveled around and visited more modelers, clockmakers and miniature craftsman than most folks. One thing almost all them have in common is sitting on their shelf are Gerald Wingrove's books, The Complete Car Modeler I & II. These are great, but even greater is his website, for every picture you see in the books there might be 10 on the site and if a picture is worth a thousand words think what the value of his site is? 


I have never met him but would love too someday. I got his first book in 1978, the year after I started making miniatures and have learned so much from it. While you might never build a car model that does not matter for "Modeling is Modeling no matter the subject". So when you have time, and I warn you, it will eat up some time, explore this site. Go into the galleries and keep clicking away and it takes deeper into his projects with almost each step photographed. For that reason I feel this is the BEST SITE on the internet for scale metalwork!


Ps. you can his books here too….. they are still in print after all these years… that tells you something right there.




Just a sample of one of the thousands of how too photos on the site...



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Debora Beijerbacht

Ooh shoot, this is too good! And time consuming indeed!! I made the 'mistake' to hit the RR button and my word! That is just mind blowing! I can see why you said it's probably the best site on model making... so much to see, observe and be mesmerized by! Absolutely gobsmacked.... This is one to digest & savor on a rainy day, or at least a week I should say. 

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Strange but true, I just came up from the library, and pulled that book from the shelves with my recent questions about wheels!

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