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Polymer clay blends...what works for you?


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Just curious as to what you all find to be your ideal polymer clay (or blend) for various applications. I'm trying out a few new combinations (for figure sculpting) and I'm curious as to what to avoid in terms of common errors as well as "Aha" moments. Thanks!

Mike Barbour

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I have never tried to blend combinations of polymer clay; I've only sculpted one head, and I was pleased with the clavicles that I sculpted on her shoulder plate.  The face; not so happy, oh well.    I think the kind of polymer clay used is based upon your own body/ hand temperature and if hands perspire or not.  I have only used super sculpey out of the box, but I always prepare my polymer clay by putting it into a small food processor or pasta machine.  You can add the polymer clay conditioners into your food processor too.  I have a small Black & Decker (probably) 1 Cup food processor that I only use for polymers. 


You could test your recipe by putting the clay into a push mold or sculpt a quick teapot to see if you like the consistency and to see if you like the detail that the mold allows.


My friend who can sculpt lovely critters, and food prefers Fimo; but I've always used super sculpey because I've experienced a lot less time conditioning Sculpey vs. Fimo.



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