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Guild School Catalogue is online!


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Debora Beijerbacht

Beg your pardon? First come first serve? Are you serious? What about foreign students who's class selection takes a week to reach head quarters by post? I only got the booklet this afternoon...

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Hope this helps explain the Guild School registration process.


If a student is pre-registered (deadline was October 1), s/he got the catalogue mailed directly, automatically. Pre-registered students have until November 10 to get their class choices to the Director. Then there is the lottery drawing on November 12 of all pre-registered students. So no matter where you live, if you are pre-registered, you have an equal chance in the lottery drawing to get your class choices. That's why we do the lottery - so it is fair for every one. In addition, the classes are posted on www.igma.org on October 2 to view the class projects in color.


But registration is still open to anyone. Starting October 2, any registrations that come in are on a first-come, first-serve basis. These students are placed after the pre-registered students are placed on November 12. Shortly, after the lottery drawing on that date, the classes that are FULL are so noted on the IGMA website.


It's a complicated process, but it works. Yes, it is the same process we have always had in place. With 36 instructors and 51 different projects, it is an amazing juggling act. The intent is to be sure students are in classes they love and want!

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