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Ashby and Jedd room at the Art Institute

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I was at the Art Institute in Chicago on Tuesday with a neighbor who had never been there. I discovered

a new addition to the Thorne Rooms, probably old news to some of you but I had no idea it was there.

It's an Arts and Crafts room, a dining room, by Ashby and Jedd, and it's gorgeous. They made the box,

the furnishings, and the lighting. It has built in cases with glassware from Ferenc Albert and Jim Irish,

a woven rug from Judith Adams, beautiful pottery from Lee-Ann Wessel, and flowers from Nancy Van De Loo. I believe it was made in 1999. There is a plaque on the wall next to it with all the information.


I should have taken a picture.  Has anyone else seen it?


Sue Veeder

Madison WI

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I received the nicest email from Steve and Allison, thanking me for mentioning their wonderful room at the Art Institute. No

problem - thank YOU for creating it and sharing it with us! I have to get down there and see it again. Soon!

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Sue V, I also got to see 2 rooms by Ashby & Jedd at the Chicago Art Institute.  The CAI had two rooms on display by Ashby & Jedd when I visited with the recent Guild Study Program Tour - I think one box would be described as, in the Style of Frank Lloyd Wright and a Parisian Room with the most wonderful skyline of Paris.... the city of light.  I hope if Mican, or if Allison & Steve are reading the forum that perhaps they will post a couple of photos for our viewing pleasure. (It is very difficult to photograph with the glass, and not get yourself in the photos...)  The micro lighting that Allison & Steve used for the Parisian night sky is perfectly scaled and evokes a wish to see the Paris skyline at night in person... if you can't see the sky from the city of Paris in person; seeing through these two artists eyes is equally a wonderful experience.


As the Chicago Art Institute is more local for me then the other miniature museums, it always feels like homecoming to see the Thorne Rooms again... I realized on this trip that I have not visited the rooms since I had business friends meet me in Chicago for a few days and that was 2000.


I won't wait as long for my next trip.



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