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A Murder Mystery about one of Chippendale's clients

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Wm. R. Robertson

Not all research books have to be non-fiction. The late Sarah Salisbury spent decades fitting out Miss Marple's Cottage to every detail of Agatha Christie's stories. Janet Gleeson's The Grenadillo Box: A Novel is a murder mystery with one of Thomas Chippendale's clients being the deceased and the story told trough the a young journeyman cabinetmaker Nathaniel Hopson. The descriptions of the shop culture are so vivid I can almost smell the rich Cuban Mahogany being planed……. a fun read for any period furniture maker that likes a little murder mystery…..



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Talking about murder mysteries; Have you heard of the Agatha Christie of Chicago? Francis Glessner Lee. In a nutshell; she reproduced crime scene's in miniature to find answers to unsolved crimes, and later were used to educate investigators.





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Remembered about this book this morning, haven't seen it here yet, just bought it on Amazon.uk, will pick it up from my friend in The Netherlands in October, I have an 11 hour day flight back to SA, this should help while away all those long boring hours in the plane.

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I see the forum is adding to my reading list, and Bill previously reminded me about reading the book,  "Making the Mummies Dance" - that discusses the intrique of the Art World at the NYC Met...


I had previously heard of the Chippendale murder mystery... but I did not know about Francis Glessner Lee...

I thought it was so original and fun, when the CBS Television series CSI had the miniature murder scenes - not fun of course that someone was murdered;  just fun to see miniatures hit the tele....


It is fun to learn something new, so early in the day!



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