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Michael Paul Smith's models take you back in time!

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Debora Beijerbacht

Well, with pictures bearing names like 'Orbit Ice Cream stand' and 'Late afternoon Plymouth' is easy to get sucked into his time warps :) Wonderful sceneries!!! Thank you for sharing!

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Debora Beijerbacht

Isn't it funny how the brain can be fooled? I feel great joy when that happens to me too :)


If you think about it, it's amazing to see how much the appreciation of miniatures has a to do with how they're presented ánd photographed. I'm sad to say I've seen amazing miniatures being let down by bad or out of focus photography. The other way round is possible too of course; one can really lift a piece with clever staging and framing.


A couple of years ago I was pleased to read a series of articles in a Dutch miniature magazine about what to look out for when you're photographing your miniature work. Fooling the eye (or brain) isn't that difficult so why would you let bad pictures take down all the hard work that has gone into building miniature pieces?


If anything, this wonderful link you've put up shows the importance of learning about and understanding how to create depth of focus in a picture. Never underestimate great photography :)

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