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My project The Carson Manison, 1/12 scale

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Welcome to the forum!


I have studied the Carson Mansion, (Eureka, CA) on line, many times in the past.  It is a beautiful and ambitious work in progress.   I think the Pink Lady Victorian, the J. Milton Carson house is also one of my favorite Victorians.  I wish I could see all of these homes in real life.  I will enjoy your progress!  I wish I could find the floor plans for the Pink Lady, it seems that my search results don't match the structure; but I haven't done a really intense search.  I would add it to my wish list for dream structure project(s).  If you know where they are published, please let me know, and I'll happily purchase.


You'll need the pink house, next, and then you can hang a sign on the door of your room, "Eureka" !



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Hi Ron! Good to see you here :) You know I love your work and this mansion is spectacular. Thanks for posting it---

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