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Suggestions for a show of miniatures in a contemporary art gallery

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Hello friends,


I have been invited to co-curate a show of miniatures at the Grunewald Gallery of art (formerly the SOFA gallery) here at IU in Bloomington, Indiana.  This is a contemporary art gallery and one of the stipulations is that all the shows must represent work that is post 1950's.  I am working with the curator of the gallery and she and I have been tossing around ideas for a few months now.  


One of the obstacles we are coming up against is that so many of the really fine miniature artists working today are creating historical miniatures. This is not necessarily going to exclude those artists from being in the show, but we have to find a way to select artists and connect them all to a common theme--one that has a contemporary heart beat.  


The curator and I like the idea of "obsession" as a focus or inspiration for the show...I probably don't have to explain to this crowd how apt that word is for so many of us!!  


So, I'm really just looking to start a conversation here about contemporary art in the miniature field...who do you know that is working on contemporary art at a small scale (not necessarily 1/12th scale)?   


Did anyone here get a chance to see "Otherworldly; Optical Delusions and Small Realities?"  It was a show at the MAD museum in NYC in 2011.  I'd love to hear what you thought of it.  Some of the stuff is very interesting. The inspiration for this show was based on the diorama. Here is a link to a video about the show:



So, any and all ideas, thoughts, suggestions, links to work or websites are welcome!!!













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Take a look at this persons work:




I find this type of thing totally fascinating, and it leans in the direction of the kind of thing I'd like to do(if I ever had the the time)

It certainly is obsessive!


And I missed that show...sadly.

This sounds like a great show, I look forward to hearing more about it.



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Wm. R. Robertson

That's cool Paul, I really like that. Barry Hippwell did a similar thing years ago as a bus stop...... It is also funny that New Yorkers are draw to the gritty side of life, in the 80's when I curated a show for Natinoal Geographic we used. Nasty trailer model from the Chase Manhatten Bank art collection.

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Darren Thomas

Hi Althea! Yes, I went to the Otherworldly show in NY!!  It was pretty amazing - lots of what some call "hyper-realism"- - the Bruce Museum in Greenwich CT just did a a recent exhibit just on artists studios in miniature..https://brucemuseum.org/site/exhibitions_detail/inside-the-artists-studio-small-scale

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