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building materials : carpentry

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Hello again,

When I began to build miniature houses I realised that I had to start from scratch. Not only the style and the kind of architecture was different to any "kit", but also all accessories, pavements, finishes... should be reinvented.

I would like to share with you some of these "building materials", and will start with carpentry.


this is the most common balcony window you can find in many houses of Barcelona. Made of wood and painted in two colours, normally it is in pastel white inside. You have inside shutters and outside you can find two kinds of blinds: "alicantinas" (rolling shutters made of wood) and "mallorquinas" with four leaves, normally painted with the same balcony's colour.  

Balcony's railings are made of wrought iron, although it is also possible to find balusters in the first floors




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as well as balconies, painted in two colours, with inside shutters. their size is according to the room, they can have one or two leaves, coloured glass or frosted glass (in bathrooms). In galleries we combine working windows and fixed windows. In the ground floor we protect them with wrought iron grilles.



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they are made of wood and almost always painted, even entrance door, although those made of hardwoods (mahogany, walnut..) are usually restored in their original colour.
Inside doors are normally in pastel white, one or two leaves, sometimes sliding doors, width and heigh according to the room ( in small toilets no more that 60 cms and 200 cms heigh)

Entrance doors use to have an opening on the top protected by a wrought iron grill. this is to airing the hall and staircase's box.

in shops , we combine glass doors and fixed windows in a big structure made of wood.



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