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Hello from Canada

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Hello all, it was suggested to me that I come and peruse your site. I haven't had the chance to see it completely but I have seen enough to know that this is a group of people that have similar interests to mine.


My name is Zavie Kucer from Montreal, Canada. Along with my father David I make miniature guns. They are 1/3 scaled. We machine them completely from the original materials. They are fully functional but we do not make bullets.


We machine every piece, inside and out, exactly 1/3 the size of the original. We make all the springs, screws etc.


Dad's work has been exhibited in 4 museums here in Canada, as well as the Tower of London, England.


Our work can be seen at Kucers.com


It seems to me that the metal working forum is closest to what I do, so for now I think I will lurk there.



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Hello, Zavie.  I have seen some of your miniatures here and there and find them incredibly astonishing. 

I'm sure that others on this forum must agree that your creations are marvels of functional miniature art.

Thanks for posting.  Would like to see more pictures and even some build sequences.   Rafael

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Debora Beijerbacht

Hi Zed,

I'm a European who's totally unknowing about firearms and guns, but it's obvious there's tremendous skill involved in making these! Very impressive 

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