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Hello from Hillcraft in Cape Town, South Africa

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I am very heavily involved in the model railways industry because I produce South African Railways models. I've been doing a lot of laser cutting for the 1:12 fraternity and I will be starting to do brass etching and white metal casting shortly as well.  I can't say that I am much of a miniaturist or a modeller but I am very good at things technical such as 2D & 3D design, laser cutting, CNC machining, mould making,  casing, electronics...well, very much anything technical. I consider myself to be in more of a support role producing the goodies that miniaturists require.


...but, besides all of that I just love true craftsmanship and I am absolutely fascinated by the artistic abilities of people such as yourselves. 

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Welcome! It's fascinating to see someone working with 3d design and CNC, I'm a huge fan of furniture and interior 3d modeling myself, would love to read more about it on this forum.

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