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Hello from Elly, Amsterdam

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Hi all, I am Elly , living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have spotted several friends here already ! Waving to all of them , sorry no names, as am sure I am going to forget someone :-( . And yes, I will attach a picture as soon as my laptop, which goes on strike each 5 minutes, is going to listen to me for a minute.

I am one of the petitpointers, I also love dressing dolls- and besides, collecting miniatures.



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Hi Elga, waving frantically at you! Sorry will be missing out on seeing you this summer, but we hope to see each other again. And love from Tiffany, too!  ;)

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Judy Spadoni

Hi Elly,

Nice to see you here.

I am a bit nervous about posting incorrectly or in the wrong place, but it seems like a really well designed Forum.

Take care,


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Hi Judy, how loverly to see you in here, as well ! You are such a wonderful needlewoman, do show your work here too, pleeeeze! :-)

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